[SOLVED] Installing NEOS 8 problem

While trying to install new NEOS Version 8 on Debian server all works fine.
But when the composer calls " ./flow welcome" the installation breaks with error:

sh: 1: /usr/local/php-81-cli/bin/php: not found

Type: Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Exception\SubProcessException
Code: 1355480641
File: Packages/Framework/Neos.Flow/Classes/Core/Booting/Scripts.php
Line: 707

PHP-Apache-Version and CLI-Version are both the same PHP8.1.
Tried on two different servers with the same error.
Is this an know bug?

Thanks for any helping ideas

I believe this is your issue

Thanks for your advice!
I set the path for PHP81 into Configuration/settings.yaml
Neos → Fow → core → phpBinaryPhatAndFilename

Now the script runs!
Problem solved!
Thank you

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