[SOLVED-ish] Major bug managing content in multilanguage sites

A colleague of mine had a discussion about an issue in neos multilanguage installations that currently escalates in several multilanguage projects of our customers.
It basically renders Neos not suitable for multilanguage installations (at least for bigger projects). I would really like to work on a solution for Neos as a whole because several customers really loose trust in Neos because of that. One customer that is currently restructuring a lot of content even reports that whole sections of already translated content get lost in the translation languages. We could not confirm that but our suspicion is, that this is also connected.

Here the Issue:

Here the conversion:

Our agency would be willing to fund a bugfix with out time (reporting, testing, maybe coding if possible) but we need somebody that has deeper knowledge in Neos content dimensions to be able to find a sustainable solution. We surely can also fund development time for that person. Maybe even convince one or more of our customers to help out with funding. I would really like to connect with somebody with knowledge in this area to determine what would be the steps (and a rough estimate of the workload) to find a solution here.


Note from me, I have been discussing this issue with @windspeed7 and it’s hard to fix universally due to potentially conflicting use cases demanding different behavior, BUT there is a solution build into Neos which boils down to configuring container elements (like a two column for example) with the

aggregate: true

option like so:

    aggregate: true

Note: this is not something you should NOT do in all cases. By default Documents are configured like that. It will move childnodes around with the main node in all dimensions at the same time. Which might be undesired behavior, but it also prevents orphaned versions in other dimensions because the container was moved in a “parent” dimension.

I can draw out the scenario a bit more in detail at a later point. Just be aware that also the above solutoin might not be ideal but it will prevent the described problem.