[SOLVED] Localbeach: Could not connect to database


I get the following error during setup of Neos using Localbeach:

An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

Docker is running, credentials used:

Maybe a port issue?

Sadly, the guide does not mention Neos Setup, only importing of existing content. https://www.flownative.com/de/dokumentation/anleitungen/localbeach/local-beach-setup-docker-based-neos-development-howto.html

Login with Sequel Pro works.

Try port 3307 states in the documentation - Sequel Pro is a GUI for accessing the MySql database, so the credentials and configuration will be the same for your application

I tried in the setup gui, but that throws the same error (connection refused).

Edit: Had to use the container name (local_beach_database) … Thanks anyways!

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