[SOLVED] Media Management Error (HTTP 500)


since this morning we have a serious problem with our Neos installation. When we entered the media management (Media) we got a HTTP 500 error. There’s nothing in the Nginx log nor the Neos log. Our support activated all PHP error options and now we get a white page instead of the HTTP 500 error. But still nothing in the logs. Yesterday everything worked fine and a college added images in the media management. But since this morning we got this error. I repaired the nodes, cleaned the resources, published the resources and cleared the cache. But the error still exists. I don’t have any ideas any more and hope that You guys can help me! Has anybody experienced such a problem, knows a solution or can say where I have to look? Our site will be going live on November the 16th and we don’t have much time, the contents have to be created. :confused:

We’re using Neos 3.2.0 with Nginx and PHP 7.0.22 on an Ubuntu 16.04 system.

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Hey Michael,

In my experience there’s always an error to be found somewhere, but configuring error logging/handling can be tricky and stump you. One example is the error is caught in an exception handler that does nothing. So would suggest you keep trying until you get the actual error somehow.

Another tactic would be to copy everything and see if the error is reproducable.

If so or even if not, you can always go the manual way of backing up everything and removing assets until the error no longer occurs to pinpoint your problem. However would still recommend the first step of finding the actual error first.


Good morning Aske,

but what should I try? When the exception isn’t caught it could be anywhere. I don’t have any clue where to start. Furthermore I don’t experience this error on my local system, so I can’t debug the problem.

How do I remove assets when I can’t access the media management?

Btw: what’s the right way to get the whole contents of the live system into my local system?

Hey Michael,

I had the same error a few days ago and invested some hours to get a solution for that problem. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to solve the problem and had to restore from a backup…

Nevertheless I am very interested in a solution!

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After hours of investigation I found the error. At some point I saw in my local system that the URL changes when I apply the filter or select a tag. So I selected a tag and the URL looked like this:


I applied this to our live domain and was happy to see that this works, because he shows only images with this tag. So I tested each tag until the error appeared again. Long story short: someone uploaded two very large images. One was 29MB (7416 x 7416) and the other one 54MB (14693 x 7416). They were also the last ones that were uploaded. And because the media management shows all images on the first view, it crashed. In the end I deleted the images directly in the database and after that the media management was working again.

But one question is remaining: why did it crash? And why didn’t it crash on my local system? Is this a server or PHP setting? Something like post_max_size?

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Most likely crashed due to memory exhaustion when trying to create a thumbnail of the large images, which will just kill the process at some point which a stack trace, however there will always be an exception and log if set up correctly.

Glad you found the culprit though. The media browser / module follows the maximum file upload size limit set in PHP in case you want to lower it, however this affects images as well as other file types.

Regarding how to delete media assets without access, simply do it in the database.