[SOLVED] Migrate a site from a server to another one : no surf method

to migrate a site form a server A to a server B I tried many times before success.
Even in this forum, I didn’t find a clear explanation of what to do exactly.

This is the way I did proceed after many tries : :sweat_smile:

  1. On server A, in the neos directory : ./flow site:export --package-key “Mycompany.Package”

this will create a site.xml file in the package Mycompany.Package folder (located in the Sites folder)

  1. On server B, install a new neos instance with Neos.demo site example

  2. On server B, in the neos directory : ./flow site:prune

This will clear all sites installed

  1. With ftp or over ssh, copy the package Mycompany.PAckage folder form server A to server B, at the same place

  2. On server B, in the neos folder : ./flow flow:package:rescan

This will allow neos to recognize the new package pasted on the file system

  1. On, server B, in the neos folder : ./flow site:import --package-key “Mycompany.Package”

On server B, your site should work now.
After this steps, you can try ./flow resource:publish if some of your medias are not visible

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given that you’re using git and a deployment solution, the easiest way (at least for me) is to just deploy it to the new server, import a dump of the database and copy everything inside Data/Persistent to the new server.
After flushing the cache and running resource:publish everything should be exactly as it was.


@flaxash92 Is that solved for you?

Yes, thank you, it’s solved