[SOLVED] Multiple partialRootPath

Hi there,

is it possible to have multiple partialRootPaths in Fusion (looking at T3 :wink: )?

In my skin package:
templatePath.@process.override = 'resource://My.Skin/Private/Fusion/Components/Catalog/Product.html' partialRootPath = 'resource://My.Products/Private/Fusion/Components/Catalog/Partials'

But I want to overwrite some partials, something like:
partialRootPath.@process.skin = 'resource://My.Skin/Private/Fusion/Components/Catalog/Partials'

No luck so far. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like that’s possible with the current Implementation of Template. Looking at TemplateImplementation: https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/blob/master/Neos.Fusion/Classes/FusionObjects/TemplateImplementation.php#L104

You could do it if you replaced that with your own TemplateImplementation, simply replacing that one line with:


You could then pass an array into “partialRootPath” that sets multiple of those. Didn’t try out myself, but something like that would work. It’s quite low-level though. You may want to think about replacing your use of partials with Fusion prototypes instead, they are much easier to extend/replace in this way :wink:

Ok, thank you! I’ll rebuild the template with Fusion, I guess. It might take longer first but you are right, in the long run it will save me time. :slight_smile: