[SOLVED]Multisite Question Neos Matomo


we are trying to configure Neos Matomo https://github.com/Flowpack/neos-matomo @sebobo to support our multisite setup. They suggest the following configuration:

    host: ‚xxxx'
  protocol: 'https'
  token_auth: ‚xxxx'
  apiTimeout: 10
    myfirstsite: 1
    mysecondsite: 2
    mythirdsite: 2

But testing this configuration we are running into this error message:

An exception was thrown while Neos tried to render your page

Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/neos4/neos-base-distribution/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Fluid_TemplateCache/Frontend_Node_action_show_1554a62adbcc71c3f3e16e2c8e37fe3b17f5b1bd.php line 398

root<Neos.Fusion:Case>/ documentType<Neos.Fusion:Matcher>/ element<de.packagename:Homepage>/ matomoTrackingCode<Flowpack.Neos.Matomo:TrackingCode>/

Any idea why? And any idea how to solve this?



some things to check:

I assume your configuration has a different indentation in your actual Settings?

The site names correctly match the the names in the config?

You use the latest version (3.0.1) of the package?

Did you override anything in the Fusion code?

If none of that helps, please try to debug the content of idSite and post it here for me. Then I can check.
I have it running in a multisite with 4 instances and it works nicely.


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Hi Sebastian,

thanks a lot it works now perfect.

Great to hear! Can you then prefix the title of your post with “[SOLVED]”, that would be helpful :slight_smile: