Hey guys,

Is there an easy way to compile SCSS or LESS with Neos CMS? I know, the IDE could do that but I do not want to do that with the IDE (PHPStorm in my case).

Thanks a lot.

I personally have a package.json with required packages and a Gruntfile.js to take care of the building of assets.

Both package.json and the Gruntfile is made from this

It’s from a TYPO3 site package so the paths are identical to the one from Flow/Neos packages

Then I run grunt watch from the cli and it manages it

Okay thank you for your answer.
I will try this.

Okay, in my “Boilerplate” Package I have a blank Swiftmailer config. This was the problem.

Thank you guys!

I think your answer is related to Neos Swiftmailer sendig Issue :slight_smile: Can you mark that as [SOLVED] instead?