[SOLVED] Neos Swiftmailer sendig Issue

Hey guys,

Sending with Neos Swiftmailer don’t work.

I get: Connection could not be established with host [php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name does not resolve #0]

But over simple curl, it works.

$mail = new \Neos\SwiftMailer\Message();
    $mail->setFrom(array($senderMail => $senderName))
        ->setTo(array($adminMail => $adminName))
        ->setSubject($mailSubjectPrefix.': '.$subject)
        ->setBody($mailbody, 'text/html')


      type: 'Swift_SmtpTransport'
        host: 'smtp.mailgun.org'
        port: 2525
        username: 'postmaster@sandobxx.mailgun.org'
        password: 'sdfsdfdf'

From mailguns own documentation [http://blog.mailgun.com/php-how-to-use-mailgun-efficiently/] the port number is 25 and not 2525 - could that be your issue?

Hi Soren!

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it does not work with other port numbers. I also tried it without mailgun.

“Name does not resolve” intends an error while DNS-Lookup
Does “smtp.mailgun.org” resolve to an IP on your system?

BTW: Is postmaster@sandobxx.mailgun.org correct? There is a typo in “sandbox”

I must check this.