[SOLVED] Node-links in link editor not converted

Hi folks,

when using the neos link editor for creating a simple link in a textblock, looking up the the target node by searching and saving it, the node is not converted to an uri. The link contains the node identifiier, like this: node://2d424117-926f-4300-945c-706df6b39b69.



No special configuration is done, all neos default.
Neos: ~4.3.0
Neos-Ui: ~3.3

Anybody any idea?

You have to apply:

@process.convertUris = Neos.Neos:ConvertUris 

To the text or the whole element. This converts those internal uris to the proper ones.

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ok thank you Martin - I knew that method, but didn’t know that I have to implement it for each node type explicitly

How does your NodeType Fusion look? If you inherite from a prototype with this, it sohuld be there by default

True up to Neos 4.3. with Neos 5.0 the Fusion prototype Generators will be disabled by default to avoid hidden magic that is hard to get.

You still will be able to enable them manually.