[SOLVED] Problem with Administration-> Configuration

Hi everyone,

I have this problem with my page. Please help me!.

Hard to say, please check your Flow SystemLog and the php error log for errors, those might help us to identify the problem.

Hi all,

Same problem on Neos 2.1.4, the server xamp (v 5.6.3) crash when I try to go to tha administration configuration page.
No message in the php error log and no message in the Flow System Log.

The MS Windows application event report say:

Code d’exception : 0xc00000fd
Application: D:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe
Library: D:\xampp\php\php5ts.dll

That seems to be something xamp specific. Really hard to say from the outside.

Ok. Thank you for your response.

It’s a Windows’ problem.

To fix it modify the httpd-mpm.conf like this:

IfModule mpm_winnt_module>

ThreadStackSize 8242880

Have fun