[Solved] Problem with multisite

Hi, I have a problem with a multisite with three Sites A,B,C - each with is own site package. In the context of Site A the node types of its site package work well. But when one tries to use on node type of Site.A in a page of B or C one gets

The Fusion object Site.A:Content.SomeNode cannot be rendered: Most likely you mistyped the prototype name ...

On the other side, the nodes of Site.B and Site.C can be used in the other sites without any problems.

Has someone an idea what is going on here?

You have to add the fusion autoload setting in each site. Neos by default only autoloads the fusion of the current site.

Thanks for your answer. Now it works - I was missing this point.

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Great! Yes its not super obvious. The bad side of “magic” helpers.