SOLVED: Raising Minimum Required Version to PHP 7.2 for next version? -> Nope!

Hey everybody,

Neos currently requires PHP >= 7.1. I suggest to raise this to PHP >= 7.2 starting at the next released version, so that we can embrace properly working return types and optional return types. I just stumbled over this while moving some Event Sourced CR code (which is PHP >=7.2) into Neos.ContentRepository.

I’d like to poll if this is fine for everybody – if not, please reply to this post and add some reasons why you’d like to keep PHP 7.1 as min dependency.

  • raise minimum PHP version to PHP 7.2 for next release
  • keep minimum PHP version at PHP 7.1 for next release (please leave comment with reason)

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PS: To clarify: This poll is open for the whole community, not just core members :slight_smile:

We decided a while ago that this constitutes a breaking change and happens only in major versions AFAIK.


As much as I’d like to use 7.2 only (and of course I do in my own projects), I need to agree with @christianm here – it’s a breaking change by our definition so far and that means, we should provide a LTS version with 7.1 before we switch to 7.2.

Always remember how slow hosting companies and bigger corporations are with migrating to modern PHP versions …


What both Christian and Robert said. It’s a breaking change. I’d love to raise to 7.2 ASAP, but forcing that for a LTS will just prevent adoption of that LTS version. Let’s raise with next major. Maybe we can even jump directly to 7.3 by then.


This part puzzles me. PHP 7.1 has nullable return types - which feature exactly do you miss ?

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I also consider this breaking for a minor release. It is fine if the eventSourcedCR packages require PHP 7.2 but not the core itself before Neos 5 / Flow 6.

Are we talking about the 6.0 release of Flow? Or the 5.X release of Flow ? I’ve voted yes, because I beleive we are talking about the 6.0 release of Flow.

As far as I understood it was for the upcoming 5.2 release and thus 5.3 LTS release. For the 6.0 release, we’ll definitely raise it to 7.2, probably 7.3


Hey everybody,

sorry for the confusion, @bwaidelich is totally right :slight_smile: I somehow misinterpreted a bug we were hitting in Travis and thought it would be a PHP compatibility issue, which was not true in fact.

So, sorry for the confusion - and let’s keep PHP 7.1 for the 5.2 release :slight_smile:

All the best,