[SOLVED] Rename (site-)package


in the neos setup tool I mistakenly set the package name vendor.domain.tld instead of Vendor.DomainCom. :confounded:
So the directory of my (site-)package now is named vendor.domain.tld instead of Vendor.DomainCom.

Is there a simply way to rename a (site-)package?

If not: Which steps have to be done?
Only renaming the package-directory and the paths inside the files of the package/directory and ./flow flow:package:rescan at the CLI is not enough, I think.

Can be nice to have a CLI command for package renaming, is a not so common but can be fully automatic

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Yes it’s enough if you rename the code, namepspace, composer.json … everything correctly :wink: and it’s easy to miss something

@martoro work on a distribution build, and I know he create something to rename package, can be nice to decouple this to a core CLI command. What do you think @martoro @christianm ?

Hmm… I don’t find anything I might missed, but I get this:
> Invalid resource URI “resource://vendor.domain.tld/Private/Fusion/Root.fusion”: Package “vendor.domain.tld” is not available.
Exception Code 1309269952
Exception Type Neos\Flow\ResourceManagement\Exception
Log Reference 20171117194149b14000
Thrown in File Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_Flow_ResourceManagement_Streams_ResourceStreamWrapper.php
Line 507
Original File Packages/Framework/Neos.Flow/Classes/ResourceManagement/Streams/ResourceStreamWrapper.php

Flushing the cache doesn’t help.

Now I got it:
I had to change values manually in the tables neos_neos_domain_model_site and neos_contentrepository_domain_model_nodedata.

A CLI command for package renaming would be very comfortable.