[SOLVED] Rendered Neos-Page as E-Mail-Content

Hi there,

My global goal: Use a neos page as email template for transactional shop emails.

Is there already a public package for that?

(Receiving a JSON via a API > queue the request > polling the queue > render a neos page with markers > send it )

At the moment I have one main problem/question:

How can I can get the rendered HTML of a content collection (or a page) in a command controller?

I have searched already some time and I was not able to find a solution - sorry :slight_smile: But I hope, that there is already somewhere a descriped solution for that :slight_smile:

Best, Lars

Hey Lars,

rendering a page is basically rendering some fusion(-path) with context like the documentNode and your markers.

We do this in different scenarios already. You could have a look at https://github.com/punktDe/outofbandrendering/blob/master/Classes/Service/FusionRenderingService.php - which should give you a hint what to do.

Feel free to ask if you got further questions.


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@lars85 If Daniel could help you, please mark this as solved. Otherwise feel free to ask here again.

Best regards,

how can I mark it as solved? can’t find any buttons for it…

There should be a ‘best answer’ option, at the top of each response. Once you click that, the thread will be marked as ‘solved.’

I believe thats a “admin-only” thing

Really? I have never seen that. So far we always just prefixed the post title. I suggested to add such a plugin once: RFC: Discourse plugin for "accepted answer"

Ohh… so can the Neos Team edit title of other topics, or should we ask the topic creator to change the title?

I don’t have edit rights.