[SOLVED] Sites Management: What is to do? Docu/Tut?

have found in the «Administration > Site Management» Package:Unavailable, also the «0» in Domains.

####As a starting point: everything runs with the page and the package

###Why Package «Vendor.Sitename» marked red as «Unavailable»? (#1)
The Site-Package is working without problems, but the red-mark «Unavailable» sounds as I have done something wrong.
Clicked on «Vendor.SiteName» (#4) > under «administration(packages#Sites» the Site-Package is listed. On the same way like in an other installation where «demo-site» Package is used.
same status (#5) «Active->checked | Frozen > crossed | Protected > crossed»!

Maybe the package have to be from type «neos-site» instead of «typo3-flow-site»? This package is a migrated package from 2.3.x to 3.0.x.

  • What I can/have-to do, so Vendor-Sitename-Package will mark «green -> Available» or «without mark» like demo-site in other unstallation?

###Why Domains have to set?
When I klick on edit-button (#2), I can in «site.name» Window click on «Add Domain». So if I would fill-in the data, I guess Domains in 1. Window «Administration > Sites Management» will change to «1».

  • What will change with this in summary? Current state «everithing runs without errors». The saying «don’t change a running system» will match without knowledge of «How? Why? What will change?».

Can’t find information about neither as topic in discuss, nor in Neos-Docu or Google …

  • Is there somewhere a docu/tut for this «Administration > Sites Management Stuff»?

  • If not, could someone explain what will change in Neos (Database/Cache behavior/Behavior for Front-End in published (go life) website)?

  • It seems possible to define more then one Domain data, looked to state «Active/Inactive»: Why?

Yes the package has to use the composer type neos-site to not show “unavailable”.

Regarding domains, it not required and it’s simply saying there are zero. It will become red if you have multiple sites and no configured domains as that is an issue.

@aertmann: Thank you – have change type and now the error message is gone!