[SOLVED] Typo 3 Neos Tracking / Analytics

(Markus Bianchi) #1

Hi there,

Does Typo 3 Neos save any of following information for visitors?

  • Browser (Version)
  • Operating System
  • Referrer URL
  • Hostname / IP Address
  • Date and time of request

Many thanks

(Bastian Heist) #2

Hi Markus,
Neos (formerly Typo3 Neos) doesn’t save any of these things in its database by default. The only case in which any of this data (Browser, or rather the “User-Agent” request header, date/time of the request, and the referrer) is persisted is in error dumps - if Neos Flow encounters an error while handling a request, a logfile is written which contains this data, among other things. This behavior can be configured so that even on errors, nothing is logged.

(Roland Schütz) #3

@mrksbnch Could Bastian answer your question? If so, please answer it as solved :slight_smile:

(Markus Bianchi) #4

Yes, that helped. How can I do so?

(Bastian Waidelich) #5

Currently just by prefixing the post title with "[SOLVED] ". I just did that for you (ps: @rolandschuetz you should have the privileges to do so, too)