[SOLVED] Typo 3 Neos Tracking / Analytics

Hi there,

Does Typo 3 Neos save any of following information for visitors?

  • Browser (Version)
  • Operating System
  • Referrer URL
  • Hostname / IP Address
  • Date and time of request

Many thanks

Hi Markus,
Neos (formerly Typo3 Neos) doesn’t save any of these things in its database by default. The only case in which any of this data (Browser, or rather the “User-Agent” request header, date/time of the request, and the referrer) is persisted is in error dumps - if Neos Flow encounters an error while handling a request, a logfile is written which contains this data, among other things. This behavior can be configured so that even on errors, nothing is logged.


@mrksbnch Could Bastian answer your question? If so, please answer it as solved :slight_smile:

Yes, that helped. How can I do so?

Currently just by prefixing the post title with "[SOLVED] ". I just did that for you (ps: @rolandschuetz you should have the privileges to do so, too)