[SOLVED] "Unexpected Token < in JSON at position 0" when saving node changes

Hey guys,

I currently have a big problem with changing nodes in the backend.
Whenever I create a new one or copy and paste an existing node, a flash-message pops up telling me Unexpected Token < in JSON at position 0 .
Through inspecting the sent XHRs, I found a request pointing to /neos/ui-services/change , which in fact results in the standard 404 error page instead of any valid JSON string.
When I reload the whole page to get rid of the stuck backend, these nodes appear in the node tree as expected.

What could this be related to?

I got the following Versions installed:

  • Flow v4.3.8
  • Neos v3.3.13
  • UI v1.0.14

Thanks in advance for your participation, Max.

Maybe a UI update could help already - some stuff changed since 1.0.14

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Hey Max,
yes, you are right. This was actually a repost from Slack to make this question googleable. Here’s the solution:

Maximilian Schmidt [3 hours ago]
Damn, that was it. Currently composer installs the UI in version ~1.0 whysoever, I changed it to ^1.0
and the error disappeared. I really have to rework the version constraints for all of our projects.
:face_with_rolling_eyes: Thanks for your quick help

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