[SOLVED] Widget Paginate & Bootstrap 4

Hi Folks,

to make the pagination Bootstrap 4 ready I tweaked the related Index.html in the Neos.ContentRepository package. As this is no savvy solution can I do such adjustments in my site package easily too?

Thanks in advance!

Hi :slight_smile:

You can override the template used by the Neos.ContentRepository for the pagination widget. It’s possible with Views.yaml

  requestFilter: 'isPackage("Neos.FluidAdaptor") && isSubPackage("ViewHelpers\Widget") && isController("Paginate") && isAction("index")'
    templatePathAndFilename: 'resource://Vendor.App/Private/Templates/ViewHelpers/Widget/Paginate/Index.html'

Thanks @sorenmalling, works perfectly! Problem solved!