Sorting NodeTypes

(Bernhard Witz) #1

How can I determine the order of my NodeTypes (in which order they appear in the backend if I want to insert a new node). For every NodeType I have a single YAML file.

(Christian Müller) #2

I don’t think we ever made that sortable in any way.

(Bernhard Witz) #3

Ah ok. Then I can stop searching for it :wink:

(Dmitri Pisarev) #4

Wait, why, isn’t it sortable by “ui.position”?
In theory they should even support now the full power of positional array sorter.

(Bastian Waidelich) #5

Yes, of course they are sortable:

    position: 100

It is not using the PositionalArraySorter internally though, so you can only specify numbers here not position: 'before Some.Other:NodeType' for example.

(Bernhard Witz) #6

Strange. It is not working with my Neos 3.3.

(Rene Rehme) #7

Maybe your nodetype is not in the group you are expecting? position: in the first ui: option is working for me. Another reason could be that other nodetypes have the same position.

(Roland Schütz) #8

@bernhard ui.position allows to change the order. Here’s an example:

Did that solve your issue?