SPA VueJS in neos page

I am trying to integrate vue app into a neos page and in order for the vue router to function normally, one need to configure a server rewrite rule, hereby link on this topic

In other cms I could use nginx server configuration around these lines
location /root_route_vue { rewrite ^(.*) /index.php?page_id=64; }
page_id 64 is the identifier of the page in which the js of the vue application is instantiating from.
Also, if I want to get a page I can also call him with the id (or other parameters) for example;

but in NEOS, I’m not able to build a similar query to GET a page.

My question, is there a way to build such a query URL in NEOS?

You can do that with a custom route which identifies a node by its identifier and probably you directly use the NodeController that the frontend uses.
The route could look like this: /node/<identifier> for example or pass the identifier as node parameter.

Oh and btw. congrats to your first post and welcome :slight_smile:

Eran Grinberg


Thanks for the prompt response and for the welcome greetings :wink:,
In the backend I can see the page URL as such
and from the additional info the Identifier: 8f456e3d-a41b-4f22-a0f0-66df85f74d2d

Can you elaborate and provide an example of such a custom route that will be matching the above page data?