SSL, HTTPS configuration

(Michal Cygankiewicz) #1

How to configure NEOS to work as SSL website? I can not find and documentation about that - I am using quite old NEOS core - 2.x.

(Sebastian Helzle) #2

Hi, you have to configure your Webserver (Apache or Nginx) to do this and not Neos in most cases.

(Michal Cygankiewicz) #3

It is strange but after configuring https on apache - all the links to internal resources (css/js/images) are rendered by NEOS as https://domain:80/… - this breaks whole website as all images and resources can not be loaded.

(Soren Malling) #4

Did you change the protocol in the Site Administration module of Neos CMS after you setup Apache to SSL?

(Michal Cygankiewicz) #5

Where should I do that? I don’t see such an option after logging into NEOS admin panel. I tried to find documentation about that but did not suceed. I am using old NEOS version - 2.x - so maybe it was not present at that version of NEOS?