Staging server for new

This morning I have set up the deployment pipeline and new server configuration for the work-in-progress state while we are developing the new website.

The new website is available at and is not protected with any password. I think that’s okay, since we plan to be transparent in the re-branding process anyway.

I created a new branch for the Neos site distribution on Github – that branch is called “new”. Whenever you push to or merge into that branch, Jenkins will pick up the changes and deploy a new version to

The content on that website right now is simply what was produced by site:import. @christopher or @berit will push the in-progress-state of the new site later on, let me know if you need any help or anything tweaked.

Some more background information:

The site is hosted in the Flownative infrastructure on AWS. That means that also this staging site is load-balanced and, for example, uses Redis for some caches, S3 for storing assets and Cloudfront for publishing them. Just be aware of that if you think something is weird regarding caching or the like. There is a SSH box which we can use for interaction with Neos, but putting the authorized keys onto that server is a somewhat manual process at the moment, so please just get in touch with me (or Karsten / Christian) if you need anything.