"Start Point" in the Neos Document Tree

Hey everybody,

does anybody have a good solution for specifying a “start point” in the Neos Document tree in Backend, i.e. being able to say “this user should only see the documents starting at node X in the document tree”?

IMHO this is currently still a missing feature; in case you use permissions and access control to
restrict access to a subtree only.

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Hey Sebastian, I also have this use case in a current project and thought about a possible implementation for that feature. But I got more questions the longer I thought about it.

IMHO the backend tree is the easier part.
“The user should only see …” could mean it behaves like a read node privilege with access only for the mounted subtree. But what happens for a role with that starting point when nodes are queried through flowquery. What is “site” if the root node cannot be accessed? How to handle the fact that a logged in user also sees only that part of the tree in the front end, whereas a logged out user has access to the whole tree? How would a simple menu behaves when it has a different starting point? …

Hey Daniel,

great to hear from you :slight_smile:

  • You are totally right, I think the ReadNodePrivilege is NOT what the integrator wants for the most part, exactly for the reasons that you explained I think. ReadNodePrivilege should be mostly used to build FE login areas.
  • That’s why I think one mostly wants to restrict backend editing to a certain part of the tree - this is possible today with the EditNodePrivilege.
  • Furthermore, it would be useful IMHO to be able to more fine-grainedly configure the Node Tree what should be visible there; and I’d propose to create a new privilege for that. Because today, the NodeTreePrivilege inherits from EditNodePrivilege; and this means you cannot only show a page in the node tree, but NOT edit it without using DENY.
  • Last but not least, the different “starting point” for the document tree might have an even better UX for the end user, as he does not have to navigate a few levels down until his tree can start to “expand”.

At least that were my thoughts so far :slight_smile: Looking forward to your further ideas!

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