Strange configuration error with relativeSymlinks


I have used the Mittwald package and have activated the relativeSymlinks option in my Settings.yaml.
However I now want to use the FileSystemTarget and it always gives me the error that an unknown option “relativeSymlinks” has been specified.
I have triple-checked everything and it’s not there anymore. If I open IncludeCachedConfigurations.php and look at the file that it includes, it’s still there. If I delete that it get’s automatically re-generated and relativeSymlinks is there again…

Do you guys know why this could happen?


16-04-27 07:50:55 CRITICAL Flow Uncaught exception #1361525952 in line 398 of /html/passcreator-test/releases/201604270737
42/Data/Temporary/Production/SubContextStaging/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/TYPO3_Flow_Resource_Target_FileSystemTarget.php: An unknown op
tion “relativeSymlinks” was specified in the configuration of a resource FileSystemTarget. Please check your settings. - See also: 201604270

You need to use the FileSystemSymlinkTarget from that package, just as described in the readme.

@christianm sorry that was misleading. I want to use the default FileSystemTarget of Flow, not the one of the Mittwald package but I still get that error that “relativeSymlinks” is not known even if it’s not specified in the Settings anymore.

I guess you need to reset the options then, because the mittwald package overwrites the defaults…