Subfolder-structure in NodeTypes-Configuration-Folder

I named my nodeTypes depending on their task/function like NodeTypes.MixinNodeName.yaml and similar. So I create better findable groups. But with amount it will be more and more confused.

Would like to use subfolder E.g.:

  • mixins
  • neos-overwrite
  • structure
  • supertypes
  • ready-to-use
  • settings

Tried with:

        'Vendor.Site': ['NodeTypes/*']

        # also with
        'Vendor.Site': ['NodeTypes/**/*']
        # or
        'Vendor.Site': ['NodeTypes/*/*']
        # or
        'Vendor.Site': ['NodeTypes/mixins/*']

But «Try and error» was not successful.

Can’t find examples in sourceCode, or info about with Google or Forum-Search.


- ***Did someone an idea or a workaround? Or Link to docu?*** Thanks for help.

This is not possible, we load the configuration from a specific place, no subfolders allowed for technical reasons.

Thanks for help, Christian.

Pity, but then I do not have to look any further …
So for fusion/typoScript and fluid-Template the same will apply?

TypoScript/Fusion is different; you can use arbitrary subfolders there, see:

For Fluid it depends. Templates used by NodeTypes can be put anywhere you like since you can set the template path in TS/Fusion. If you create templates for controllers, they need to match the controller and method name to be found (unless you set the template path manually in the controller).