Support for old UI? Remove leftovers?

While looking at TASK: Remove deprecated removed content wraps by Sebobo · Pull Request #3358 · neos/neos-development-collection · GitHub by @sebobo I remembered my recent change (see BUGFIX: Avoid use of removed isMethodSafe() by kdambekalns · Pull Request #3354 · neos/neos-development-collection · GitHub) and decided to post here.

According to Deprecating the old UI - #7 by sebastian we wanted to do this in 4.0.0:

disable the old UI completely by default

I am not sure if we actually did that, but my guess would be the old UI is no longer working anymore by now. If this is confirmed (or even if not), we might want to remove whatever leftovers we still have. I know that @markusguenther removed a lot of things related to the old UI… Probably most of the stuff is gone already, but some bits apparently still lurk in the shadows.

Any input on that, dear team?

@markusguenther told me today that the old UI died in 5.0 (wondered the same thing as you :wink: )

Hi there,

indeed, the removal took such a long time that it is maybe hard to follow.
In 5.0 we removed the most code of the content module, but caused by the lack of time there were still some parts based on emberjs for the other backend modules.

The final kick out came with 7.1.
So the old UI is history and if there is something left, that I just did not know about. We can remove it as well. The PR was so big that except @sebobo not many took a look at it in detail.

So maybe we have still parts in the BE code that is not used anymore.
BTW the switch for the UI was already remove by @daniellienert some releases ago.

So 4.3 is the only version that is really working with the old UI.
Still have one project on 4.3 because the project extended the old UI :smiley: