Supporter and Sponsoring Badges


as a result for the discussion Acknowledgement for core feature supporters, the corresponding poll and the last marketing sprint in Hannover, we created new sponsoring and supporter badges.

How it went

  1. first draft by Jens from Sitegeist based on the discussions mentioned above
  2. discussion with @gina about the general concept and ideas concerning the digital badges
  3. research on digital badges of different companies (Scrum Alliance, TYPO3, Magento, zend, …)
  4. created a concept and draft for digital badges to be discussed at the marketing sprint
  5. final design by @Ralf

Badge Requirements

  • have a scalable concept
  • can easily be autogenerated
  • can easily be maintained
  • can easily be displayed as a collection
  • can be used in different contexts
  • should not add “clutter” to the current brand

The Anatomy


  • the type of badge is placed in written words
  • some types have their own color
  • the upper color currently needs to be an official color from the styleguide


  • should differentiate badges of the same type, e.g. by date, city, feature
  • can be bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond
  • in some cases can be a color from the styleguide

Background & Border

  • enables for placement on most backgrounds without providing a dark version

Active Team Member Employer

For those companies sponsoring working time for somebody to be in the core team.

Longtime Supporter

Analog to the old longtime supporter badges, but without the company name and the date. We would rather like to enforce the correct usage of the badges through the license terms.

There are already badges out there, that were altered because the labels on the outside make them harder to place next to each other or use them on colored backgrounds.

Core Feature Sponsor

A new type of badge, for companies that spent a certain amount of money for the development of core features.

For these badges a date is important to be able to differentiate between badges for the same core feature. e.g. if a company sponsored “Content Dimensions” in 2015, 2016 and 2017 they get 3 badges showing their dedication for “Content Dimensions” over a long period of time.

Event Organizer

For everybody organizing official Neos events of a certain size, e.g. Meet Neos, Neos Conference, …

Onetime Supporter

Meet the Family

Next Steps

  1. bringing those “puppies” online :wink:
  2. creating templates for analog badges that can be handed and put on the wall


Florian (@fheinze )


Nicely done, love the very slight 3D effect on some parts. Cool stuff <3

Looks great!

Thanks, for the feedback. Now we will be taking the next steps :wink:

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