Supressing width & height attributes in html img tag with custom node type

I’ve created a custom node type, following the example in documentation. The front end is rendering width and height attributes in the img tag despite having nothing in the fluid template:

<f:if condition="{image}"><media:image image="{image}" alt="{headline}" /></f:if>

I assume it is inheriting this from the default neos configuration. How do I go about supressing this behaviour? ie. removing width= height= from the image tag. I’d rather control image dimensions through CSS.

Using Neos 2.2
Custom node type as per documentation:

You can create your own VH current the default viewhelper does not support skipping the width / height attributes. Basically copy paste the default VH, remove the attribute generation and you are done.


…and possibly create a Pull Request so that we can add this feature to the core

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So assuming I write a custom viewhelper for my project, how would I then adapt it to function as a core feature? Is there a standard way of adding a configuration option for end users? eg. check box in inspector to disable html attributes for width/height in a particular image? or somewhere in a yaml file?

I’m a graphic/web designer with some coding experience, and just starting to find my way with Neos…