Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider integration

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As part of my “researches” of using external identity providers (s. my previous question) I have to integrate the Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider in my application. The main goal is to use Microsofts Azure AD as IdP.
As basic test I’ve set up my own IdP with simplSAMLphp which works fine so far. There are several difficulties in configuration on both sides (SP and IdP) but that’s more or less done.
Unfortunately Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider is not very well documented. Integration in my minimal flow app was successful in this way:
If one tries to access an protected resource of the application one is redirected to the apropriate “index” which contains a link to my IdP.
After successful authenticated there one is redirected back to the application, but without authentication. Flows security logs say “no credentials given”.

My first question is: has anyone successfully integrated Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider in his/her application or Neos?

If yes: what (which URL) do you have defined as “AssertionConsumerService”?

thanks for your attention! :wink:

Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider one finds here

Okay, got it to work with Azure.
But it’s real trip to hello due to several pitfalls and some issues.

Please tell what you did @mexoona :slight_smile:

Hello Soren, hello all!

Sorry for late answer - no, it’s not an answer right now.
I think about to write a little tuto about that.

The major problem here was to find out which information belongs where.
Despite of there are many examples out in the net it is difficult to do it right.
In addition the infos from Swisscom.SimpleSamlServiceProvider are sometimes misleading or wrong (left issues there).
Most configuartions one have to do in “simpleSAMLphp” itself.
That’s why it is a good idea to start from there to understand the mechanism.

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I’m looking forward to your tutorial :slight_smile: