Team Minion - Team Meeting, 2016-11-15


  • not much to say, working on nodetype handling for media assets
  • happy to have some time to work on Neos, lot’s of Flow work for customers
  • sad: not attending the sprint


  • slightly frustrated about no KD and regular Neos work being done
  • very happy about ES/CQRS progress and how the team works
  • handed in some talks for the next PHP conference (as usual…)


  • sad: holidays are over
  • happy: two weeks of holidays felt like 4 weeks; will be back again in the team next week
  • swag pack work about to start (x-mas, maybe!?)


  • happy: traveled a bit last week
  • sad: no
  • will prepare for the sprint, trying to get an overview of current UI status


  • not much changed: not much time, looking forward to the sprint


  • sad: forgot last weekly…
  • happy: next week will be sprint
  • working on retro preparation and CIC stuff as well as a decision-making suggestion during the sprint

Wilhelm Fritz

  • didn’t do much, because of secret side project discovered by Dmitri by now
  • focusing on UI stuff this week and next week (sprint / barcamp)
  • sad: the weather! :snowflake: :wind_blowing_face: :cloud_rain:


  • happy: back from vacation
  • sad: back from vacation
  • (insider joke about a starship controlled by Neos, only @robert got it…)


  • sad: still working with a very legacy codebase
  • happy: will work on Resource/Object renaming today / tomorrow
  • looking forward to sprint next week