Team Minions |Protocol: Meeting | 2017-02-07

  • @dimaip: glad that Sebastian got back on track with the UI work. Currently only can spend spare time on the UI. Sad that he can’t join the Dresden sprint, but that would take even more time from UI work. In their company they are starting to use Tilda for simple campaign sites. Dmitri is taking on the fight :wink:
  • @daniellienert helped Dominique with the ES package refactorings / adjustments for Neos 3.0. Had the best release ever: his daughter Leonie Hanna. YAY!
  • @Nezaniel still totally flashed from last week’s DDD Europe, still processing :slight_smile:
  • @robert also quite flashed from the conference, achieved his personal goal to speak to all DDD celebreties, including spending 15 minutes talking with Eric Evans about Neos / Flow and Mel Convway about Flow-based programming (the other Flow …). Apart from that upgraded Neos infrastructure (Discourse etc) and reviewed / tested / deployed marketplace fixes - they are now syncing again.