Team Minions | Protocol:Meeting | 2017-07-20

Florian, Bernhard, Gina
Robert, Ralf, Karsten, Daniel, Dimitri, Wilhelm


Frustrated me: Nothing
Made me happy: React UI funding is done, badgs are also in.
Next plans: Take over feedback in to brand
To show: nothing


Frustrated me: here is hell :wink:
Made me happy: holidays from tomorrow on (one week)
Next plans: no plans
To show: nothing


Frustrated me: nothing
Made me happy: UI funding starts, today kickoff with Sebastian & Christian
Next plans: telephone action for UI funding starts this week, i will do my part beginning of next week
To show: please have a look at the internal team channel, and add some companies to the spreadsheet!


Frustrated: Working on bug fixes for nested workspaces for several days this month, frustrated about the code quality at some places. To me it looks like many of the problems / weak code was introduced because someone was in a hurry and took the quick path.
Happy: not this week
Next: work on bug fixes and try to open an bank account for Neos Foundation
Show: nada

Me: last week of holidays… Looking forward to the sprint!