Team Minions |Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-02-29

Attendeed: @fheinze, @robert, @kdambekalns, @inkdpixels, @wbehncke, @gina


  • leap day!
  • must make more buzz for Inspiring Conference

Team status:

  • Florian:
  • frustrated by nothing concerning Neos
  • happy about the Neos sprint being soon
  • will prepare some stuff for the sprint; will “meet” with Okan
  • Gina
  • frustrated by how the last teams retro went
  • nothing motivating since… :confused: except, oh, yes: seeing the time spent
  • will try to change that retro topic for the better
  • Karsten
  • frustrated by own short term memory
  • had fun developing OData stuff for Flow
  • Robert
  • nothing frustrating
  • had further meeting regarding Neos foundation (w/ Tobias)
  • nothing exciting/relevant
  • Tyll
  • static type checking for JS codebase makes builds horribly slow (frustration!)
  • instead added code style checking instead (happy!)
  • continue with JS stuff
  • Wilhelm
  • nothing frustrating
  • further refactored state mechanism (redux) in JS codebase
  • continue that…