Team Minions |Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-03-14


  • happy: worked on webpage, wednesday meeting mit berit und tobi
  • frustrated: nothing
  • working on: webpage, REACT


  • happy: CodeSprint
  • frustrated: Landtagswahlen
  • working on: REACT


  • happy: CodeSprint, branding, marketing discussions
  • frustrated: wasn’t able to spent that much time
  • working on: branding


  • happy: great Sprint, great Results
  • frustrated: did not go climbing although in Dresden
  • working on: info to webpage about teams and release cyles


  • happy: great sprint, good progress, I’m not too old to do coding yet :smiley:
  • frustrated: A LOT of work piling up at home, hard to focus
  • working on: written an article about our UI rewrite, will try to finish the AddNodeDialog to done-done level, prepare for Inspiring
  • happy: great sprint, finally was a good mixture for me of talking, (a bit of) coding, learning, results
  • frustrated: pretty tough time ahead until Inspiring, really a lot to do, both for Neos and for customers
  • working on: much on-site customer coaching this week; will try to catch up with Github PRs and work on SSH access for *