Team Minions | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-04-11



  • Working on: Still involved with the branding. Working on the talk on the inspiring.
  • Frustrate: Hard to get all things done in time.
  • Happy:
    • We have a logo!!
    • Glad that @brgmn is helping out with the shirts


  • Nothing frustrating
  • Happy to start to do some contribution again
  • Working on the asset replacement


  • Nothing frustrating
  • Happy because
    • Rens is back!!
    • Holiday was nice
  • Working on
    • Customer related things - neos will benefit
    • The next release


  • Frustrating: Tyll is not there anymore
  • Working on / want to share
    • Tried out the netlogix API
    • Preparing for the inspiring con talk -> lots to do


  • Frustrated: Calendar full of Neos things - no customer work for the next 2 weeks
  • Happy about the branding stuff and how Neos is going in general
  • Working on:
  • Branding stuff
  • CQRS event sourcing
  • Neos legal entity
  • Neos Awards
  • Meet Neos & Inspiring Conference talks


  • DONE: started writing styling RFC for the new UI
  • TODO: will try to finish it this week. During the sprint I will try to refactor all of our styles based on this RFC. Will also try to fix help messages before the sprint.
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Whoop whoop!