Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-06-13


  • lack of time for Neos is a bit frustrating, but outlook is better, so that’s makes happy
  • Branding: finalisation of Flow logo pending, styleguide update following, press kit and other stuff next weeks


  • happy after a nice weekend in Dresden, @sebastian threw a great wedding party :wedding:
  • working on adjusting tests
  • some Flow/Neos projects coming up, might be interesting


  • last week not a lot of Neos, this week will be Magento an Vintage CMS as well
  • something interesting might be coming up, that would be cool :slight_smile:


  • again trying to do a lot of things… :wink:
  • hard to find time, because of having to care for a lot of SQL injections in a legacy project
  • can speak, eat and drink again: that makes happy


  • quite happy, worked for three days on the inspector for the new UI (getting more and more complex, thus more and more interesting)
  • maybe something to show next week


  • not frustrated
  • happy because thoughts about the Neos project structure in her brain are getting more sorted
  • happy about working on some ideas about marketing Neos
  • showed some results, will incorporate feedback and show again
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