Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-06-20

Next meeting:

  • talk about kitchen duty handling


  • nothing new regarding structure yet, got feedback from synchronizers
  • a bit stressed due to diving accident through diving course given on weekend
  • helps Tobias out with legal entity, wants to get feedback from Daniel Hinderink


  • also (still) definitely interested in legal entity topic
  • went to Neos meetup in HH last week
  • some discussions on discourse
  • frustrated from changing bike brakes over the weekend
  • talked to Sven Ditz about doing 2-day marketing workshop for Neos
  • will meet with Martin Brüggemann (t3n) about publisher’s needs towards Neos and marketing that


  • attended Neos meetup in Karlsruhe, was really great, will be continued


  • stressed out from studying and working at the same time; at least until July
  • happy about Neos and Elasticsearch working great together


  • (tons of) upmerges and test fixes
  • released Flow and Neos patch versions


  • bad week over (Vintage CMS, Magento, …), good Neos-y week ahead
  • met with Martin Brüggemann last week to talk about contribution, doing a meetup in Hannover, …
  • will look into ES CR adapter this week, memory leaks in master branch!?


  • on sick leave for a while, will be out for the foreseeable future

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