Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-07-11

JIRA duty this week: Bernhard, Dmitri (Daniel might look into JIRA setup for 2.3 release)



  • nothing frustrated
  • went without internet for a week (happy, probably)
  • still worked on React stuff, will create PRs from that
  • happy about that and other developments related to the UI project


  • nothing frustrating
  • worked on stuff around Elasticsearch a lot, did upmerges


  • happy due to vacation last week
  • unhappy because vacation is over
  • did experiments with nodes as domain models, might write blog post about it
  • worked on domain (name) based content dimension stuff, might create new package from that


  • Happy: Neos community evolving, Neos Meetups are great (I’ve been giving a talk about content strategy / WYSIWYG at the Neos Meetup in Düsseldorf last week). Much customer work. Made progress with Neos Foundation preparation with Tobias
  • Frustrated: Nothing really, but would be nice to have more time for Neos development / reviews
  • This week: no real plans, but something will happen
  • To show: soon: a draft for the legal entity setup (Tobias is preparing that)
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