Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-08-08

Happy: Everything is quite fine at the moment. Works on the frontend components. Looking forward on the Nurnberg sprint.

Was working on the content repository stuff. Had some problems wit the elastic search indexer.
Plans for next week: Finish implementation and tests.

Happy: Neos marketing is moving on. Planning a marketing sprint.
Unhappy: The neos channel is closed for “some reason”. Gina started a discussion to open this channel up which is not that easy.
Plans: Getting the neos assoc on the way.

Happy to be back in Moscow again. Having a lot of discussion with the react / frontend team.

Unhappy: Lots of work. No time to contribute to neos.
Happy: Does a lot of flow work at the moment, playing aroud with the scheduler and MessageQueue package. Looking forward for the neos sprint in Nurnberg.