Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-09-12


  • happy after week of relaxing after relaunch of 60.000k node project
  • started to work on UI stuff again during the weekend
  • no frustration


  • working on namespace refactoring, unit tests right now
  • some reviews, some merges planned
  • no frustration


  • frustrated by current issues (Jenkins, bugs in Neos, lack of backups, …)
  • not happy because of frustration above


  • frustrated by Jenkins
  • happy about two more meetings on CQRS/Event Sourcing
  • probably more of that this week


  • happy to be in fog-less office now :slight_smile:
  • worked on i18n overlay, needs to adjust tests
  • no frustration


  • happy: first PR on UI project, back again! :tada:
  • frustrated: no work left :wink:

Discussed activity rules a bit, regarding time zone differences e.g. and the need to accommodate for that. We think this can be solved in the teams as needed. Generally we are all happy with the rules…

JIRA duty this week, Dmitri coordinates/takes care.