Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-09-19

-> Robert and Gina do GitHub kitchen duty this week


  • frustrated by last week, not being able to do Neos
  • this week change that: Neos logo discussion, website structure (needs to clear up desk first… :slight_smile: )


  • tiny bit of frustration: spent over a day fixing a bug in WS module
  • happy working on Neos, ES and CQRS last week
  • will do that again this week
  • will ask about GitHub issue move progress


  • on holidays, so naturally happy
  • still working on namespace changes :hamster:


  • frustrated spending 3 hours on fixing stuff caused by himself using wrong Node version :wink:
  • fixed some bugs in Neos last week
  • afraid of node:repair by now
  • will hopefully continue with React UI “storybook”
  • earned a :crown: for outstanding JIRA kitchen duty work last week


  • not much work on Neos last week, caused by work with Neos
  • probably same this week
  • frustrated: still need to fix release relevant CI stuff


  • happy:
  • managed to finish first “real” PR (label i18n overrides)
  • node tree traversal PR ready for review
  • wanted to write tests for a change by Robert, didn’t happen yet…
  • will try to do that, and continue with i18n improvements


  • happy: worked on Neos barcamp website last week
  • frustrated / sad: Rens did not show up
  • happy:
  • decided to be active again :slight_smile:
  • working on a docker setup for development projects together with Dominique
  • sad: missed the meeting :wink:
  • will have a look at “to be removed deprecations”
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