Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-09-26

This week it’s Inbox for the Minions: Karsten takes care


  • not frustrated
  • happy because worked a lot on ES/CQRS last week


  • finished storybooks integration, worked on UI as well
  • a bit frustrated due to broken state of new UI


  • worked on the release script rewrite/resurrection
  • tiny bit of frustration because less progress than expected


  • frustrated due to having a cold
  • still very little time for Neos currently


  • frustrated because no mic
  • happy to be at least able to use animated icons


  • sad that summer is over
  • getting back into UI work, some PRs last week
  • broken state of new UI bad, but fixable: do some work on that
  • then some bigger features


  • frustrated because of getting old: wasted after the T3 barcamp
  • in holiday mode, so nothing to expect the next weeks…


  • frustrated only about current projects
  • but happy to do those with Neos, otherwise it would be way more frustrating
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  • frustrated: was sick over the weekend, currently really hard to motivated myself to work on the branding :frowning: