Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-10-10

General stuff

  • Neos conference decisions incoming, need to start thinking about design and concept realisation
  • what about budget use, the year comes to an end soon?


  • spent a lot of time trying to merge React UI repositories into one mono-repo
  • worked on reviving the node templates RFC (asks for feedback: RFC: Node Templates)
  • not much Neos work will be possible this week


  • happy because could release new Neos and Flow releases, despite issues during the processs
  • not frustrated, in need of random frustration generator
  • will be traveling three days this week, so little Neos impact to expect


  • frustrated: very, very busy with work, for at least the next 4 weeks


  • happy about new releases and being able to help with those last week
  • lots of work keep Neos time low (slight frustration)
  • other source of slight frustration: new fast split jobs not yet usable, still differences in split results…


  • frustrated: really busy currently, not much to say, not much Neos/Flow work


  • frustrated: had to reboot Mac (first world problems…)
  • happy: had a call with Gina, logo discussion closed, able to go forward towards the swag pack
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