Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-12-20


  • not frustrated
  • happy to work with microcontrollers and low-level programming
  • will work on swag pack first thing in 2017


  • too little time for everything right now :christmas_tree::santa:
  • will check more packages for needed changes / merges / releases


  • worked on React UI during the weekend, almost ready for alpha release


  • everyone except himself sick at home :mask:
  • too little time for everything right now :christmas_tree::santa:
  • made immense progress yesterday regarding the release
  • so far: lack of feedback if Neos 3.0 really works


  • not frustrated, 56 conference tickets sold so far
  • will push branding pages


  • too little time for everything right now :christmas_tree::santa:
  • looking forward to after the stress :slight_smile:


  • a little frustrated not being able to help with Neos 3.0
  • will test 3.0.1 really, really well… :wink:
  • project launch this afternoon, the off to holidays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Couldn’t join synchronously due to work server outage.

  • Happy: officially confirmed sponsoring 30hrs/month of my work on the new UI. Clearing off other freelancing load and getting up to speed!
  • Frustrated: couldn’t find the time to help out with 3.0. Will at least try to migrate our websites and fix bugs along the way.
  • Things looking good so far, hope I won’t collapse under the new load :slight_smile: