Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-01-17


  • HAPPY: nearly finished the workspaces switching in new UI
  • FRUSTRATED: looks like I’m getting burned out a bit, too much programming for me recently
  • NEXT WEEK: will relax to get rid of the stress and try to polish the workspaces PR a little


  • too little time to be frustrated or happy
  • will give a short talk about CMS and especially Neos tomorrow at a school, next gen CMS for next gen developers :slight_smile:


  • happy to have been working on Flow and Neos a bit, solving some issues, cleaned up GH a bit.
  • will try to help with the release a bit



  • frustrated: could not work on release so far…
  • happy: …


happy: marketing sprint was cool, discusses badges, maybe going on a roadtrip with @gina
next: finalize badges with Ralf