Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-01-24


  • happy: feels relaxed after foicusing on stress-reduction instead of coding
  • still lots of work, but more energy for that now
  • Dmitri had a first meeting with other Neos developer(s) in Moscow. :tada:


  • happy about result of marketing sprint, even though it was hard to explain how our community works to CEOs :wink:
  • nothing frustrating really
  • shared current badges status


  • happy about having worked on at least some release-related stuff
  • would love to be able to do even more, but customers. :slight_smile:
  • writing about the interactions of Flow, Composer, Git, Deployment currently, will translate to english and publish when done


  • frustrated because Tyll left the team, has no time himself for Neos currently
  • nothing to show, no plans right now


  • a little bit frustrated because other work blocked release work
  • overall happy a about progress of all sorts
  • looking forward DDD Europe next week


  • happy and excited about everything that#s happening right now
  • talked about Flow / Neos at a local school
  • looking forward DDD Europe next week