Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-03-14


  • not frustrated
  • happy because he spends all his time on the Beach, now running a site on it from a to z.
  • nothing to show because that site is still “a secret” thing :wink:


  • debugging Rect UI performance issues and breaking builds along the way
  • frustrated about React UI performance, will fight :fist: that for inspirational purposes
  • show: Fusion best-practices example being worked on for conference - please give feedback:


  • happy generally, because :banana:
  • busy, not much time for Neos - updated translation override code, PR incoming


  • happy to work on a lot of Neos stuff right now, improvements to search (with @sebobo)


  • frustrated about forgetting meeting despite reminder :wink:
  • happy to have sticker sheets into printing and the stuff in the making still
  • will try to work on more swag stuff next week if possible


  • happy: released new versions of Flow and Neos
  • not frustrated
  • will spend some time on Neos release preparation


  • happy to be back home, even though vacation was great. also happy about a lot of Neos-related stuff
  • will prepare physical sponsor badges for hanging on the wall


  • happy: Ordered some News swag today, ballpoints and writing blocks.
  • frustrated: Nothing, everything is going well with 96.
  • show:

uhh, nice. Can you get the Swag ready-made somewhere or is it custom? Would love to hand these out at meetups.