Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-05-04


  • happy to have the Neos 3.1 release out the door
  • slightly frustrated due to things always being more complicated than back in the good old days :wink:
  • plans? it’s thursday already!
  • nothing to show


  • happy & frustrated: will be working on “Neos begeistert” microsite and ad for t3n issue, but later than planned :wink:
  • nothing to show


  • still looking for next steps to do (maybe graphs), reading up on DDD and stuff (Varraes, Fowler, …)
  • slight frustration: only 24 hours per day, would love to finish stuff after sprint, but…
  • nothing to show


  • frustrated: cannot remember anything and overloaded by stuff from all sides. nothing bad, but a lot. you know…
  • happy: a bit of progress with EventSourcing (but see above as well), Meet Neos Basel next week
  • nothing to show


  • “frustrated”: finalising a Neos project, totally busy
  • happy: about upcoming vacation
  • planned: create issues for everything we’d like to have :wink:
  • nothing to show


  • was busy and couldn’t join

Dmitri, Gina, Wilhelm

  • lost in translation. :slight_smile: