Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-06-15


  • happy: progressed with badges
  • not so happy: no progress with stationary so far


  • frustrating: nothing
  • happy: working on “Neos begeistert” micro site with Martin
  • away next three weeks


  • not frustrated, despite the workspace bugs
  • happy, because a lot of progress with said workspace bugs


  • happy: interesting stuff going on (ES 5.x, Flow/Neos bugs fixed, upmerges, …)
  • frustrating: nothing, really…

Robert & Karsten

  • angst about next release being properly managed :fearful:


  • frustrated: Lost in merge conflicts and thus missing
  • happy: preparing a talk about content dimensions for the next Neos Meetup Hannover on July 5th


  • frustrated: work meetings on Thursday are just wrong!
  • happy: relaxing and mentally preparing for the sprint, my colleague is going! Second sprint in the row with two Russians on board :smiley: